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Chewbacca? Yeah, I know Chewbacca

Chewbacca and I go way back... in a galaxy far far away...

I Know Why That Cat Is Always Grumpy!

I Know Why That Cat Is Always Grumpy! He doesn't know how to losen up and have a good time!

Single Hump Camels Ain't Got Nuttin On Me!

Come cool off in Colorado they said... Then everyone kept asking me to guess what day it is? What do I look like a calendar? And who's Mike?

Shih Tzu Oreo

Shih Tzu Oreo - Got Milk?

But mom I'm hungry!

Colt: But mom I'm hungry! Mom: Not while this human is lookin!

Just one of the dogs

Shhhhhh, don't let these dogs know that I'm really a cat. They think I'm one of them.... Dogs drool ;)

Morning Traffic Jaaaamm!

You just never know when you will get stuck in a traffic jam!

Bighorn Sheep in SW Colorado

This guy was just grazing along the road on HWY 550 towards Silverton, Colorado. You don't see these guys all to often :)

Deer grazing in the yard

Ran across these deer just grazing in a yard while out and about.

Maaaaaxxx! Chillin on the jacuzzi!

This is one cool cat! Or at least he thinks he is :)