Welcome to my Bragbook!  Yeah I like that...
Bragbook because this gives me a place to keep all my photos. 

Hope you enjoy viewing them!

Newest Brags in Harley

Photo Title
2 Bald Eagles

These 2 Bald Eagles were perched above a Golden Eagle feasting on it's prey

Golden Eagle in Colorado

I shot this Golden Eagle taking off from feasting on his prey (prey image cropped out). 

My name Eeyore

Hello, my name is Eeyore.  I'm a miniature donkey living in southern California. There is a legend that the cross on my back is the shadow of the cross as the donkey stood at the foot of the cross when Jesus died.

Single Hump Camels Ain't Got Nuttin On Me!

Come cool off in Colorado they said... Then everyone kept asking me to guess what day it is? What do I look like a calendar? And who's Mike?

But mom I'm hungry!

Colt: But mom I'm hungry! Mom: Not while this human is lookin!

Morning Traffic Jaaaamm!

You just never know when you will get stuck in a traffic jam!

Bighorn Sheep in SW Colorado

This guy was just grazing along the road on HWY 550 towards Silverton, Colorado. You don't see these guys all to often :)

Deer grazing in the yard

Ran across these deer just grazing in a yard while out and about.

Guess what day it is?

Mike, Mike, Mike Gues what day - it - is? HUMP DAAAAAAAAAY!