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Use this section to add YouTube videos to your brag. Enter the YouTube URL of the video you want to add, then click Add This Video. Once the video has been verified by the system, the video should appear in that slot and the video's ID will be displayed in the input field. Verify that the video displayed is the one you intended to use before proceeding.

You can find the YouTube video URL by clicking Share button on the video's page (below the video) and copy/pasting the URL listed for sharing. The YouTube video URL will look something like the example below. You may use the full URL or just the video ID portion of the URL (the portion in bold below).


Tip: If you have entered the wrong video, simply replace the video ID with the correct URL and click Apply Changes to switch the video out. To remove a video, click the red X for that video slot.

Note: The video previews displayed in this section are 1/2 size since they only function as a preview. The embedded video displayed on the listing details page will use normal dimensions; they will be twice the size of the previews below.

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Since there are no fees to add your brag, and we don't have a Donation button for those that appreciate AnimalBragger. We do offer a few extras that are available for those that like to Brag More Than Others. These are not necessary to add a brag, just an option. If you like our service, add an extra to your brag as not only a way of saying thanks! But to be a Bigger Bragger! Every little bit helps us keep the lights on. Thank you.  And don't forget, your brag lasts forever so if you add an extra to your brag, it's there for life unless you remove your brag.

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